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This is the most incredible place I have ever visited, absolutely full of unforgettable memories. As a marine biologist, I dreamed of visiting the Galapagos since before I can remember. When I realised I would be in South America, I knew I had to do it and do it properly because it is not cheap and I didn’t want to leave with regrets. The booking process is a whole other blog post in itself but it wasn’t simple and it definitely wasn’t cheap. But having got this sorted I started to worry that maybe it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, because nothing can really be that good. Also I worried I wasn’t worthy of walking where the legendary Sir David Attenborough has graced so frequently.

Fortunately, by the time I had made it onto the cruise boat my expectations were already in the process of being smashed. My first glimpse of the water on the shuttle bus was of a brown noddy using a pelicans head as a fishing post. Whilst waiting for our shuttle boat to come to ferry us to the Yacht Fragata, out home for the next week, we were surrounded by a feeding frenzy of blue footed boobies. Unfortunately all before I managed to get the camera out.

Waved Albatross, Espanola Island, Galapagos
Waved Albatross, Espanola Island, Galapagos

Our Itinerary for our cruise


AM Location

PM Location


Embarking, Baltra

Bachas Beach, Santa Cruz


Prince Phillips Steps, Genovesa

Darwin Bay, Genovesa


Bartolome Islet, Bartolome

Sullivan Bay, Santiago


South Plaza, South Plaza

Santa Fe Islet, Santa Fe


Whitch Hill, San Cristobel

Kicker Rock, Lobos Island, San Cristobel


Suarez Point, Espanola

Gardner Bay, Osborn Islet, Espanola


Cormorant Point, Devils Crown, Floreana

Charles Darwin Visitor Centre, Santa Cruz


North Seymour, North Seymour

Disembark, Baltra



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