Working In The Pantanal

I was lucky enough to work in this beautiful place during 2014. It is situated in southwest Brazil and spills into Paraguay and Bolivia. It is the world’s biggest wetland and is made up of a bewitching mosaic of habitats including vast grassy planes (during the dry season), forests, freshwater and saline lakes and huge rivers. This mosaic has resulted in a huge diversity of fauna and flora which, due to its mainly open nature, is much easier to observe and photograph than in the amazon.

I was helping with a camera trapping project which aimed to get an understanding of the abundance of Jaguars and their prey as well as how they use different habitats. Unfortunately cats here are in constant conflict with cattle owners and as a result are often illegally killed. It is necessary to try and understand more about these animals in order to aid future conservation.

Follow this link to see footage of two of our Jaguars, Colombiano and Carol caught on our camera traps


Rio Negro


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