Farne Islands

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Britain has some fantastic wildlife opportunities but having spent time travelling the British Isles I would go as far as to say that this is the best job within British conservation, bold statement I know.

What are the Farne Islands? The Farnes are a small group of islands off the Northumberland coast which are home to thousands of breeding seabirds in the summer and seals in the autumn and winter. Probably the most famous breeding visitors are the Puffins (c36000 pairs) however from April – August the islands are covered in breeding shags, arctic, common and sandwich terns, guillemots, razorbills and many more amazing species.

Why was I there? As well as drinking copious amounts of tea the wardens have many responsibilities. The job involved the recording of all fauna and flora on the islands, monitoring populations trends and breeding success of seabirds and seals and maintenance and upkeep of all of the islands facilities for the visiting public.

Farne Islands
Arctic Tern, Farne Islands

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