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WARNING! NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED. PLEASE DON’T CONTINUE READING THIS POST IF YOU ARE AT ALL SQUEAMISH. Although not the prettiest birds to grace the planet, if you ever get the chance to see giant petrels in the wild, they will command your respect like few others. There is nothing quite like watching the coming […]


Predators at St Andrews

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St Andrews Bay is an absolutely incredible place for a number of reasons. Not only does it have hundreds of thousands of penguins, it is surrounded by stunning glaciers and mountains, it borders the sea and it is home to thousands of prehistoric predators. Where there are penguins on South Georgia, you are never too […]


Training In Edinburgh With British Geological Survey

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Another of my responsibilities upon arrival in South Georgia will be regular recordings of the Earth Magnetic Fields for the British Geological Survey. This data will be used to ensure that the data that they are collecting remotely is all correct. In order to do this I visited the offices of the British Geological Survey […]