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  • Summer On Bird Island -
  • British Antarctic Survey Mark II - Its been a long while since I wrote a blog but now that I am back settled in colder climes I think it’s about time that I update this website. I am back in my favourite part of the world living on a small island 500m North West of South Georgia. It’s aptly named Bird […]
  • Introduction to Bird Island - As I have mentioned before (and you can probably guess from the name) there are a few birds calling this place home! There may not be a huge amount of diversity here but the species and sheer numbers of birds present are spectacular. The island is quite large (4km long) but there isn’t a huge […]
  • BIRD ISLAND…FINALLY! - After 10days at King Edward Point I was well and truly ready to set sail for Bird Island on my transport mark II, the Pharos Fisheries Patrol Vessel. As we headed North past the almighty snow covered scenery we were accompanied by some of South Georgia’s smaller breeders Cape Petrels and White Chinned Petrels. With […]
  • King Edward Point – Temporary Home - There are definitely worse places to be left in than Cumberland Bay, South Georgia and although we were all itching to make it to Bird Island, I was also keen to take advantage of being back in Cumberland Bay. Given its location on the Leigh side of South Georgia, the weather is much kinder to […]