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South Georgia is an island located north of the main Antarctic Peninsula and with it being in the southern hemisphere it should be spring now. I should be walking to my study site every other day, worrying about how badly the hole in the Ozone is going to fry my skin, but its been almost […]


My role in South Georgia – Higher Predator Biologist

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The currents and bathymetry (sea floor) of the seas surrounding South Georgia have resulted in large amounts of nutrients upwelling from the deeper oceans, causing an incredible richness in marine life. As with most rich biological resources around the world, there are great profits to be made from exploiting these. South Georgia has a history […]


Settling In The Deep End

It feels like I have been waiting to get here for so long, I have spent the last 3 months being told about King Edward Point and South Georgia and how amazing it is whilst driving around the country for various training courses and activities. Now I finally get to experience it for myself! Once […]